“I had therapy with Ursula some time ago. While I was with her, I felt at ease straight away and completely relaxed – she was so easy to talk to. Since being with Ursula I have progressed with my life, having more self belief, more confidence and above all more coping skills which combined have given me the will to continue with my own self growth.

I would highly recommend Ursula.”
– Patricia

Counselling involves helping you to recognise how you would like your life to be, and broadly speaking tends to deal with more immediate issues. These issues may have occurred recently and have left you feeling stuck and unsure what direction to take. Counselling typically lasts for a shorter period of time.

Perhaps you would like to explore what you need to do for yourself? Counselling employs the techniques of actively listening and recognising the obstacles that have been preventing you from making progress with your life. The counselling work we do together provides you with the tools to acknowledge and challenge your difficulties, and to experience truth, empathy and a positive outlook on life.

Psychotherapy deals with us working on aspects that may have stemmed from your past and are affecting you in the here and now. During our psychotherapy work, you will learn about your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors and how to better respond to life’s challenges.

Your situation will determine whether Psychotherapy and Counselling is more appropriate for you.