Ursula helped me to explore boundaries that I have with people specifically in terms of doing things that I want to do and where I am going with my life rather than relying on what others tell me I should or should not do.

This has helped me considerably to start living in the “present “and panic less about the future.

The therapy also shed light on why I am angry and with whom. Now I am aware and at least whilst I have still have some anger I continue to work on it and accept things that are not within my control. I feel stronger too and I have also learned not to take other people’s opinion on board. Working with Ursula has been a very positive experience.


July 2014


I started my sessions with Ursula about 18 months ago and previously I had been with another person with whom I didn’t find any benefit. Starting with Ursula has been the best choice I could do in my life.

I am very happy with the improvements I have and continue to have in my social and private relationships, I feel more confident in myself and stronger. I changed my attitude and the people around me have changed as well. Now I can easily manage situations that before made me down and depressed.

Ursula is a very good therapist, with her professionalism and smile she is able to give you the right words to encourage a good mood and very positive energy.

Maria P ( Italy )

November 2015